GMU Software Engineering <>  Seminar

Date: Thur, 2/04/2010
Time: 12 - 1pm
Location: 4201 Engineering
Food: Pizza & Soda

Title: A Survey on End User Programming Infrastructures for Ubiquitous
Computing Environments 

Speaker: Vasilios K. Tzeremes

Smart spaces are becoming more and more prominent. The increasing quality of
devices, lowering costs, user friendly interfaces, higher network speeds and
greater device interconnection are some of the factors that have contributed
to this trend. As end users becoming more technologically savvy, they also
looking for ways to utilize technology to simplify their everyday life. For
example a user might want to create an application that secures his house
when he is not present or play his favorite TV show in any of the TVs that
he is in front. In this seminar, we will present a collection of end user
programming infrastructures that allow end users to create and deploy
software applications for their environments. The seminar will begin with a
description of major end user programming techniques followed by a
collection of end user programming infrastructures for ubiquitous computing.
Also for each of the infrastructures, we will provide a detailed description
along with benefits and limitations.

Vasilios Tzeremes is a Ph.D. Candidate in Information Technology at George
Mason University. Vasilios is working as a Software Engineer in Northern
Virginia for the past 9 years. He has developed several software
applications for private and government organizations. He specializes in the
development of Java Enterprise Edition (Java EE) applications. Vasilios is
originally from Greece where he completed his undergraduate studies. In 2004
he completed his Master degree in Information Systems at American
University. He is currently working on his dissertation proposal. His
dissertation topic focuses on the design and development of a software
infrastructure that would enable end user application development for smart



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