Hi Sean (and everyone else),

I'm working on a new framework for evolutionary algorithms (genetic
algorithms, genetic programming, etc.) named "jmona", similar in
spirit to ECJ. For now, the project information site is at, and the source, some initial
releases, and some more information on building it can be found at the
project's GitHub page at I'd
appreciate anyone's input who's willing to take a look.

Reasons you might want to use (or help me develop) my new framework:
* Modern language support (i.e., Java generics)
* Modern build process and source tree layout (uses Apache Maven as a
build manager)
* Modern source control management (uses git and is hosted on GitHub
for easy forking)
* Modern configuration (easy usage of Spring XML configuration)
* Excellent object-oriented design
* Excellent in-code documentation
* Always working towards greater abstraction!

Let me know what you think.