ATTENTION Communication majors and others interested in COMM offerings abroad:

This summer the Center for Global Education (CGE) will offer 2 unqiue programs led by faculty
from the Department of Communication at George Mason University:

1) Faculty Director Steve Klein will lead CGE's NEW Seminar on International Reporting
in Jerusalem:

While abroad, students will work side by side with  Linda Gradstein and other seasoned foreign
correspondents as they learn interview techniques, hone reporting skills, and acquire hands-on
experience. Online applications for the program can be submitted up until March 19, 2010.

2) For the 3rd straight year (!), Faculty Director Cathy Wright will lead CGE's program
in Milan on Italian Media, Culture, and Society:

While abroad, students will  will travel to MILAN, ITALY and immerse themselves in Italian
media and cinema to consider how it interrelates to culture and society as they experience it

Online applications for this program can be submitted up until March 26, 2010.

A special congratulations to Casey Wilson and Michelle Stapleton, two COMM majors who
were both awarded CGE's Global Perspectives Scholarship to participate in Professor
Dickerson's London PR program during the winter break. If you see them around campus
or in class, congratulate them and ask them how the program went!

I strongly encourage you to browse the aforementioned summer programs in Jerusalem and
Milan sooner rather than later, as we expect both programs will reach full enrollment.

I hope you had a great first week back. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Have a nice weekend,

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University