Nice job on the book.

What about a wiki as an intermediate solution? That way the community itself
can collaborate on it rather than just the lonely few doing all the work...
A manual would be great but I may not live long enough to see it come out

We've been using Atlassian Confluence for some work projects and that has
been a good way to go being very slick, but it costs $$, but I guess the
usual open source suspects are also worthwhile choices. Is that something
that's easy to co-host with the ECJ + MASON website?

Thanks for all your efforts on these tools Sean. 



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Eesh!  Writing a book is a *lot* of work!  I know: it took me nine months to
write Essentials of Metaheuristics, a book which has few examples and no
assignments and is only 230 pages.  (btw if you've not seen it, get it at )

I dunno.  I mean MASON needs a *manual*, which might be nice to put out.
But that alone would be a large task.

Then Jack Sexton wrote:

 > From following this list, I can see where MASON is going - in fact, I
have had discussions with faculty about using a game engine for multiagent

Do tell!  :-)  No, it's not games.  Though PacMan was fun to write.