Earlier this semester you were invited to attend the Information Reception
for the
Oxford Honors fall 2010 program. As you know from that session the
program is competitive so your application is very important. To those of you
who have already started the application: great work!
For those of you who
have not: don't panic. Winter break is a great time to start!

There are a number of pieces you need to put together in addition to the online
. S
upplemental application items include:

- official transcript (you need to request one from the Registrar's office)
- 2 academic letters of reference (from current or former faculty who have 
taught you in class)
- writing sample (no more than 5 pages)
- biographical essay/statement of academic purpose (no more than 500 words)
- Oxford Petition for Resident Credit form (found on program website)
- Oxford Housing preference form (found on program website)
- 4 proposed tutorials and their descriptions (about 4 sentences long for each
proposed tutorial)
- 6 passport size photos
- a copy of meningitis vaccination (You can get a copy of your vaccinations
from Student Health Services)
- a copy of the front page of your passport

The last Information Session of fall 2009 will be held TOMORROW at 4 pm in
room 234 of the Johnson Center.
The session be a nice way to learn more about
the program and how to assemble your application, especially for anyone who missed 
last month's Informational Reception. There will be another Information Reception
with Fall 2009 Oxford Honors program alumni next semester on February 10 at
mark your calendars now! It will be an excellent way for you to learn more
from your fellow students who have just completed the program!

Please let me know if you have any further questions or run into any difficulties as
you assemble your application.

Remember, program details can be found at:


Best of luck to you on your final papers, projects, and exams.

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