CS Seminar: Faculty Research Overview
Wed, Nov 18, 2009
2:00 PM,
Engineering Building, Room 4201
Prof. Allbeck, Prof. Shehu, Prof. Sousa


We will have the third monthly seminar reviewing research activities  
and projects of computer science faculty. Professors Allbeck, Shehu  
and Sousa will each speak for 15 minutes about their current interests  
and projects, followed by questions and discussions.

Prof. Allbeck: Places Everyone: Creating an Animated Background of  
Human Activity
Creating virtual scenarios that simulate a human population with  
typical and varied behaviors can be an overwhelming task. In
addition to modeling the environment and characters, tagging the  
environment with semantic data, and creating motions for the
characters, the simulation designer also needs to create character  
profiles for the population and link these character traits to
appropriate behaviors to be performed at appropriate times and places  
during the simulation. I'll describe an architecture, called CAROSA  
(Crowds with Aleatoric, Reactive, Opportunistic, and Scheduled  
Actions), that facilitates the creation of heterogeneous populations  
for simulations by using Microsoft OutlookŪ, a Parameterized Action  
Representation (PAR), and crowd simulator.

Prof. Shehu: Model-based Search for Molecular Structures
Search is an important topic in AI. The talk will summarize some  
robotics-inspired search methods developed in our lab to find
biologically-relevant structures of important biomolecules like  

Prof. Sousa:  Software issues for Smart Spaces.
Smart spaces, aka ambient intelligence, aka ubiquitous computing,  
enables users to freely interact with multiple computers embedded on  
furniture, appliances, and vehicles. Or does it?  We'll talk about  
current research issues for software design, end-user programming,  
human-computer interaction, security and trust, context-awareness, and  
conflict resolution among multiple users.