Hi Sean et al,
I've been thinking for some time about whether there is sufficient
interest in a book with a title something like "Developing Multi Agent
Simulations with MASON".

It's something I and other I know would value if it was done well.

I guess most of us don't have time to write a book but the Internet
being what it is there may be other options - wikis, open-source text
books - that kind of thing...

The tutorials are great starting point, but there are some things I'd
like to have covered in more depth, or show how to customise features
and functions in useful ways,...


Shane Magrath

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I've committed our two-player multiple-map PacMan implementation on
MASON.  Thanks to Vittorio Zipparo who hung out with me while we wrote
it.  I've also stolen a bit of code Brian Hrolenok wrote from our
internal Beacons project, which hopefully will get put out as a MASON
demo in its own right.


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