On the CVS repository (I'm not sure if they made it into the latest  
tarball, they may have, you can check) there are TWO applications  
which allow dragging with the mouse:


There's also a How-To which points to them.  Check out their code to  
get an idea how to do it.  Keep in mind that the code that I wrote  
there updates the node's position in its field; but if you're also  
storing its position inside the node itself (say for purposes of  
efficiency) you'll need to modify the code to update that as well.


On Nov 11, 2009, at 5:12 AM, Lawrence Tsang wrote:

> Hi,
>     While testing and studying the Network Model in Mason Tutorial  
> 5, I
> find that although the "SimplePortrayal2D" class could be extended  
> to draw
> the Network Nodes in a "ContinuousPortrayal2D" Field, the Nodes seem  
> not
> to be movable by mouse drag when the model is being paused.
>     Is there a way to modify Tutorial 5 so that, when the model is  
> being
> paused, I could drag a Node to move it around while the Node's edges  
> would
> redraw themselves to reflect the Node's updated location ?
>     Thanks for any suggestion.
> Regards
> Lawrence Tsang