Patriot Web Waitlist FAQ’s


  1. What is a waitlist?

When courses reach their set enrollment capacity (closed), departments may offer a waitlist option to allow students a chance to add the class if space becomes available.

  1. Do all courses have a waitlist option?

No, individual departments decide if they will offer a waitlist option for closed courses based on enrollment demand.  Not all departments elect to use the waitlist option.

  1. How do I know if the closed course I want to add offers a waitlist option?

Patriot Web will notify you that there is a waitlist option available once you attempt to register for a closed section.  If you do not receive the notification that you may add yourself to a waitlist for that closed section, then the option is not available for that section, and you should choose an alternate course selection at that time.

  1. How will I know what number I am on the waitlist?

Patriot Web will notify you of your waitlist position when you attempt to register for the class.  You will get the “Registration Add Errors” message.  The text “Closed-0??-Waitlisted” or “Open-0??-Waitlisted” will appear below the error message.  Your waitlist position is indicated by the number that starts with “0”.  For example, the text “Closed-005-Waitlisted” indicates that five students have already waitlisted themselves for this course.  You will be number six on the waiting list.  You MUST click “Submit Changes” to waitlist yourself for this course.

  1. What is the difference between “Closed-0??-Waitlisted”and “Open-0??-Waitlisted”?

The “Closed Waitlist” message indicates that this course does not have any available seats.  The message “Open Waitlist” indicates that students who were previously registered for the course have dropped and those seats are reserved for students currently on the waitlist that have been issued overrides.  In either scenario, you may only waitlist yourself for the course.

  1. If I add myself to a waitlist, how will I be registered if space becomes available in the course?

You will never be automatically registered into a class. Once you add yourself to a waitlist, it is your responsibility to check your Patriot Web account daily to see if you’ve been issued an override if space becomes available in that course.  Log into Patriot Web and select the “Registration Status and Time Ticket, Override Notification.” link. If you have an override, it will display just below your registration status information in a new box labeled, “Registration Permits and Overrides.” When this box appears, you must note the course listed in the box and select the “Register, Add, or Drop” link to drop that course from your schedule, Submit your changes, then re-add it using the Add Classes Worksheet on the registration page and Submit again.  You will have 72 hours from the date the override notification appeared on your Patriot Web account to drop yourself from waitlist status and register for that course on your Patriot Web registration form.  If you do not wish to register for the course, you may simply drop yourself from waitlist status at that time.  If you do not change your status from waitlisted to registered within your 72 hour deadline, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist.  If you choose, you may add yourself back to the waitlist for that section, but you will be added to the end of the waitlist.  Students may no longer waitlist for courses once the semester begins (see #7 for further information).

  1. Does waitlisting myself for a closed section guarantee a seat in that section?

No, students are never guaranteed a seat in a closed section just because they add to a waitlist, so you should always choose alternate open sections of the course, if available.  Also, if you receive an override notification if space becomes available, you must still make sure that you are eligible to add that section (i.e. you have no holds that prevent registration, you satisfy restrictions that may be on the course, and that registration into the section wouldn’t put you above your allowable credit limit for the semester).  If you get any error messages when you attempt to change your status from waitlisted to registered, you will have only the time remaining within your 72 hour deadline to resolve the errors to secure your reserved seat in that section.

  1. What happens if I haven’t received an override notification by the time the semester begins?

The last overrides for students on a waitlist will be issued the Friday (at approx. 3:00a.m.) before the fall or spring semester begins, or summer Session A, B, or C begins.  Students may no longer add to a waitlist once the last overrides have been issued.  If you do not receive an override by that date, you will be automatically dropped from the waitlist on the Monday (at approx. 3:00a.m.) that the fall or spring semester begins, or Session A, B, or C begins for summer.  You must follow the normal procedure for requesting permission to add a closed or controlled course (contact the department offering the course for details) once the semester, or summer session A, B, or C, begins, or search the on-line Schedule of Classes for open sections that are still available for registration.