First of all, thanks to all of you who attended the Morocco Info
Session last night. What a great turn out!

We've increased the Morocco program's size to accomodate
more and we will accept as many registrations as we can all the way
up to the December 4th deadline. The program has also been ap-
proved for academic credit in 3 different disciplines, so if you're
looking for financial support from your folks, that's one angle I sug-
gest you take. Definitely at least discuss the option with them during
Thanksgiving break, especially those of you who are seniors and
have yet to study abroad!

The Center for Global Education would also like to invite you to
the following event during International Education Week, where
you can learn more about some of our upcoming programs including
Japanese in Osaka, Health Psychology in Greece, and Internships in
Israel & Palestine

WEDNESDAY, Noon to 2:30 p.m.
Celebration of International Education
in Dewberry Hall, ground
floor of the Johnson Center. The event will open with a discussion
about Mason's international education activities and will be followed
by a showcase and reception.

As always, best of luck to you in your studies!

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University
Ph: (703)993-2132, Fx: (703)993-2153