Thesis Defense Announcement
To: the George Mason Community

*Elizabeth Nohelty
Master of Science in Biology
Molecular concentration
Date: Thursday November 12, 2009
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Place: Bull Run Hall, Rm 257
Prince William campus

Thesis Chair: Dr. Ancha Baranova, MMB Dept.

*Title:*   _/C6ORF173/ as an Oncogene Crucial for the Progression of 
Breast Carcinoma___
The genetic mechanism of the progression of breast carcinoma has been a 
major topic of research efforts. Previous studies identified /C6ORF173/ 
as part of the small expression signature differentiating aggressive 
breast carcinomas with poor prognoses from relatively indolent Grade 1 
tumors. Here we present data correlating the enhanced expression of 
/C6ORF173/ with an increase in /in vitro/ proliferation of both human 
breast epithelial cells and human breast carcinoma cells. We have also 
shown that overexpression of /C6ORF173/ leads to an increase in 
expression of another gene, /FLJ11029/ , contributing to the small 
expression signature, indicative of the role of /C6ORF173/ in the 
orchestration of breast carcinoma progression.  Since /C6ORF173/ 
contributes to the aggressive behavior of breast carcinoma tumors, it 
can be used in prognostic screens allowing further tailoring of 
chemotherapy treatment for this important malignancy.

*A copy of the thesis is on reserve in the Johnson Center Library, 
Fairfax campus.  The thesis will not be read at the meeting, but should 
be read in advance. *

*All members of the George Mason University community are invited to