To fire off simulations from a web page and then return results. 
It would be very similar to embedding a simulation in a larger framework - where the GUI is not as important and the simulation is actually going to be initiated in other code. 

On Fri, Oct 9, 2009 at 2:01 PM, Sean Luke <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
Steven, I've never used Java servlets.  What's your goal?


On Oct 9, 2009, at 10:28 PM, steven citron-pousty wrote:

Greetings Masoners:
I am trying to get a MASON Sim to fire off in a servlet. I have looked over the archives and the docs and still can't get my head around it.
I am basically taking this example:
Tutorial 3
And I have modified it to do what I want. The problem is how do I call it from a servlet. I can see how the command line version works but I don't see where I can modify it to only allow, say 500 runs of the simulation.
I am assuming I can drop the main function in and just call the start but I am not sure how the flow goes. I tried going through the javadoc and can't get my mind around the flow.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.