Dear Potential Oxford Honors Student:

It is with great enthusiasm that the Center for Global Education (CGE) invites
you to apply online for its 15th Annual Oxford Honors Fall Semester Program
at the University of Oxford in England. Congratulations--it is an honor to receive
this email because it means you rank among a select group of Mason students
who prequalify to study abroad on CGE's most competetive

The method of instruction at Oxford is unique and world renowned. Their tutorial
system involves a one-on-one meeting with Oxford faculty once a week to discuss
work which has been prepared specifically for that tutorial. While tutorials demand
a substantial amount of self-directed reading and research, you develop skills for 
critical analysis that help prepare you for graduate work or your professional career.
Plus, in meeting with an Oxford faculty person once a week, you receive unparalled
individual attention from an expert in a particular field. Subjects studied in the past
have been in the social or theoretical sciences, Humanities, and Business. Go here
to learn more about this wonderful opportunity to enhance your education:

With rising energy costs and an overall decrease in the value of the American dollar, 
I understand money may be of concern. If it is, please note that
financial aid applies
to this program and scholarships are also available. Regardless, I always recommend 
you take charge of your own education by being proactive about studying abroad.


Click Oxford University's logo above to read more about the program or call Marie
alice Arnold
 at 703.993.2167. She will be more than happy to address any questions
or concerns you might have
. An information reception with Oxford Honors alumni 
and the upcoming program's faculty director Dr. Devon Hodges will be held in mid-

November. Keep an eye out for further information.


CGE wishes you the very best this fall in your midterms.



Kevin Stoy
Center for Global Education