Dear Students,
the spring 2010 schedule of classes will be available soon on Patriot Web (  I've attached a finalized version for you to plan out your schedule.  You can view your registration time ticket under the Student Services area of Patriot Web; choose "Registration".

Note that there will be 2 seminars offered at different days & times; also in the last column are MID and MOB -- courses required for the Microbiology or Molecular concentrations.  If you will be taking BIOS 740 and Dr. van Hoek's Monday BIOL 695 seminar please note that they only meet for part of the term, and do not actually conflict.  However, Patriot Web will still block you from registering for both so you'll need to email me before you register.

If you have questions about what to register for your particular program, please view the courses required for the different concentrations on       Let me know if you have questions about what to take.

thank you,
Diane St.Germain
Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain

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