Dear MMB Students,
The spring 2010 schedule is available for viewing now on Patriot WebPlease plan out your spring schedule now and be ready to register beginning Nov. 2.    I have gotten many inquiries from non-degree students about coursework to take in spring, so I believe the courses are going to fill up quickly once non-degree registration opens on Nov. 18. 

Your registration time ticket can be obtained by logging in to Patriot web and choosing the "Registration" area of Student Services.  Graduate students do have priority registration beginning on Nov. 2, but since the courses are open to non-degree students also you'll need to register early to ensure a spot in the class.  This is especially true for the seminars, BIOL 695 / BIOS 704.

If you will be taking BIOS 740 and Dr. van Hoek's Monday BIOL 695 seminar please note that they only meet for part of the term, and do not actually conflict.  However, Patriot Web will still block you from registering for both so you'll need to email me before you register.   There are only 12 seats available in BIOS 740 so that will also fill up quickly.  Remember that in addition to BIOS and BIOL, BINF courses can also be used for your degree program.  Please contact me if you have questions about coursework for your particular concentration.

If you will be registering for directed studies or directed research credits, two forms are needed -- individualized section form and directed studies --  all found on the MMB "forms" page.

Students who will need lab rotations (BIOS 703), dissertation proposal (BIOS 998), Master's thesis or project (BIOL 799 or 798) credits, please email me when you receive this notice.

As always, I enjoy hearing from you so feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Thank you !

Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain

Diane St. Germain

Coordinator, Biology and Biosciences

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