Attached is a scanned copy of my progress report - I dropped off
the signed paper copy last Thursday.  I'm not sure you need this one,
but figured you might have a use for it.  Also, do I owe you anything
else?  You said you would access my transcript directly.



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Subject: [Fwd: PhD Progress Report]


Dear PhD Student

Students who joined our PhD program on or before Fall 2008 must complete
an annual Progress Report. 

After completing the form, please meet with your adviser or dissertation
director to discuss your progress, and to have the form finally signed.
For your convenience, the form can be filled using your keyboard,
however, the print out is required. Forms should then be submitted to Ms
Therese Michael, in Room 4300 by Wednesday, September 30, 2008 by
05:00pm. Late forms will be denied.

Department of Computer Science