Please notice the change of location to *ENGR 4801*

*    GRAND Seminar


Reconstruction, Localization and Semantic Parsing of Urban Scenes

12:00 noon, September 29, Tuesday, 2009, ENGR 4801


Jana Kosecka
Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science, GMU


I will describe a method for 3D reconstruction of urban scenes, which
along with the ego-motion estimation and depth map fusion constitutes a
robust, purely vision based method for capturing 3D models of urban
environments. I will also talk briefly about some on-going work on
semantic segmentation of urban areas using spatial co-occurrence of
visual words and 3D geometry. I will show some preliminary results on
challenging urban scenes with varying viewpoints and large number of
categories appearing simultaneously.

*Jyh-Ming Lien*
Assistant Professor, George Mason University