This is a reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for students requesting
to transfer from one degree program to another who also need a waiver of
residency. In general, students may transfer from one program to another
after completing one semester of coursework.

A minimum of 18 credits must be taken in degree status; if a student
begins courses in one program and transfers to a different program, a
minimum of 18 credits must be taken in the different program. Please
note that this is true even if both programs in question are offered by
the same department.

We will not approve any waiver of residency requests after tomorrow.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Lisa Nolder
Director of Graduate Student Services
The Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering
George Mason University
The Engineering Building, Room 2508
4400 University Drive, MS 5C8
Fairfax, VA   22030
Phone: 703-993-1499
Fax: 703-993-1633