Hi Sean,

Congratulations for a great piece of software.  I enjoyed using MASON 
during some of my PhD work.  But now, alas, my research is taking me 
away from agent oriented modeling and I won´t be using MASON for a 
while.  I tried to unsubscribe from the MASON email list and had no 
success.  Could you give me a hand removing me from the list?

Julian Burgos

Sean Luke wrote:
> Way WAY WAY overdue, I have checkpointed our current CVS repository and
> created a new snapshot, MASON 14.  It's now available at
> http://cs.gmu.edu/~eclab/projects/mason/  Have fun all!
> The new snapshot has a huge number of improvements.  If you've not been
> using the CVS sources, you're going to find a lot of changes.  Be sure to
> peruse the CHANGES file.
> Sean

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