Dear developers,

I'm trying to change the color of an SpherePortrayal3D object during runtime. I've checked my 
code and I'm positive the color of the object will be changed but not visualized accordingly.

I've got the impression the color of a XXXPortrayal3D object can't be changed after the first 
construction (or display) of the 3D scene by j3d. Before the first construction/display I was able to 
change the color with the same code snipped found below.
Here is the code snippet anyway ('this' references to a subclassed SpherePortrayal3D object):

this.appearance = SpherePortrayal3D.appearanceForColor(color);

There has been a discussion some years ago about a similar topic (changing the transparency 
during runtime) and I wonder if a solution has been found.

I'm working on a Mac with OS X 10.6. The monitored effect might be os depended because j3d 
might cache some information about the displayed objects and assumes some properties won't 
change in the future.