Joerg Hoehne wrote:

> I'm trying to change the color of an SpherePortrayal3D object during runtime. I've checked my 
> code and I'm positive the color of the object will be changed but not visualized accordingly.
> I've got the impression the color of a XXXPortrayal3D object can't be changed after the first 
> construction (or display) of the 3D scene by j3d. Before the first construction/display I was able to 
> change the color with the same code snipped found below.
> Here is the code snippet anyway ('this' references to a subclassed SpherePortrayal3D object):
> this.appearance = SpherePortrayal3D.appearanceForColor(color);

That'd be about right.  Or you can make up your own Java3D Appearance.

It'll take me a little while to look into it.