I'd like to set the color of the plotted line which works fine with the code below. 

TimeSeriesChartGenerator chart;
XYSeries series[];

   series[i] = new XYSeries("food source" + (i + 1), false);
   chart.addSeries(series[i], null);
   // get the series for the current index
   TimeSeriesAttributes tsa = (TimeSeriesAttributes) chart.getSeriesAttributes(i);
   // every series has its own plotter
   XYPlot plot = tsa.getPlot();
   // the first renderer is the one for the line so it is fine
   XYItemRenderer r = plot.getRenderer(0);
   r.setSeriesPaint(i, foodSources[i].getColor());

But the LabelledList (below the "Save as PDF"-button) on the left of the TimeSeriesChartGenerator 
does not reflect the current color choice so I've added the tas.buildAttributes() line in the code.
Now I see the current color but I the fields are doubled (the fields Series, Color, Width, Dash and 
Stretch). I have first to remove the old items from the list but I find no method for this one.

My question: Is there any way to create the series and add it with a given color set?