I'm trying to execute some examples of GEP extension for EJC developed by Bob Orchard but i'm having some problems.

After search some parameter files like "gep.params" and "ec.params" and found it on koders.com, i modify the test1.param example of GEP examples in order to make the example works.

The problem now is that ECJ can't find the class "GEPSimpleStatistics", that, in the test1.param file is mentioned to be used by ECJ:

state = ec.gep.GEPSimpleStatistics

The output that i obtain is the next:


C:\Descargas\ecj\ecj>java -classpath ./;./start/javacsv.jar ec.Evolve -file c:\D escargas\ecj18Gep\ecj18MultipleChromosomes\ec\app\gep\test1\test1.params | ECJ | An evolutionary computation system (version 18) | By Sean Luke | Contributors: L. Panait, G. Balan, S. Paus, Z. Skolicki, R. Kicinger, E. Popov ici, | J. Harrison, J. Bassett, R. Hubley, A. Desai, and A. Chircop | URL: http://cs.gmu.edu/~eclab/projects/ecj/ | Mail: [log in to unmask] | (better: join ECJ-INTEREST at URL above) | Date: June 23, 2008 | Current Java: 1.6.0_13 / Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM-11.3-b02 | Required Minimum Java: 1.3 Exception in thread "main" ec.util.ParamClassLoadException: Class not found: ec.gep.GEPSimpleStatistics PARAMETER: state EXCEPTION: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: ec.gep.GEPSimpleStatistics at ec.util.ParameterDatabase.getInstanceForParameter(ParameterDatabase.j ava:451) at ec.Evolve.initialize(Evolve.java:362) at ec.Evolve.main(Evolve.java:627)


I was searching this classes, and i found that exists in EJC ( http://www.koders.com/noncode/fid450A0F990F704BEDED764BB1A30573181C3349C9.aspx?s=Pdef#L55 ), but in the package that i download from original EJC page, this classes are not included, and i don't know where download they.

Can anyone help me with that?