Good Afternoon All,

Following is a summary of items discussed during the 6/03/09 ABFAS meeting for your review...

1. Reminder - the nationwide Digital TV Transition is Friday, June 12th.  For more information and to apply for your converter box coupons go to   Each household can receive two coupons worth $40 each towards a converter box for use with analog TV sets not connected to cable, satellite, or telecom service providers such as Cox, Comcast, Direct TV, or Verizon FIOS to receive over-the-air broadcast stations. The coupons may be ordered until July 31st and expire after 90 days.  The coupons cannot be resold, but you can donate them to others.  Converter boxes can be purchased at local retailers such as Best Buy, K-Mart, Target, Radio Shack, Sears, and Walmart.  As of May 26th, only 5.4% of African American households were not prepared for the DTV transition according to an A.C. Neilsen survey and although this is an impressive figure, it is still higher than the general population's overall readiness (only 2.7% not ready).

2. The ABFAS Meet-n-Greet Happy Hour sessions will move to the Hardtimes Cafe' at 4069 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax during the Fall semester.  the organization will gather in the restaurant's dining room area on the lower level. For more information on the restaurant visit

3. The July 1st and August 5th ABFAS meetings will be for members of the Executive Staff and Committee chairs/members only.  These meetings will be used as plenary sessions to work on the organization's  activities and  events for the Fall semester.

4. We continue to work on having a videoconference  with the other campuses  as a means of communication/outreach to our colleagues who are unable to attend the monthly meetings in Fairfax.  We need to establish points of contact at the Arlington, Prince William, and Loudoun campuses who are interested in participating.  If anyone knows of someone on these campuses please let us know.  Our goal is to have at least one videoconference each semester with the campuses.  Once contacts are established with the campuses, President and V.P.s will meet with them to discuss the organization and plans to implement the conferences.

5.  The ABFAS membership brochure's print job will take place prior to the start of the Fall semester.  The Executive Staff and Communications Committee will meet on July 1st to review the current brochure and make revisions to its content as needed.  The revised brochure will be printed and distributed to H.R. in mid-August.

6. The communications committee is developing an invitation postcard to be distributed electronically to the listserv prior to our September 4th organizational meeting reminding members/subscribers of Fall meeting dates and payment of annual ($20.00) or semester ($5.00) dues.  Invitations will be mailed in mid-August and if the organization's budget can sustain it, food & drink may be provided for the 9/04/09 "Welcome Back" meeting.

Meeting Adjourned - next meeting July 1st at 12:00 PM in the Robeson (Executive Staff and Committees only).

Thanks to all for your continued support of ABFAS.

Have a great weekend,