Hi All,

We are using Mason on an open source project.  I'd like to tell you briefly what the project is about in the hope that there will be some form of interest/participation.  Perhaps somebody willing to use it on their thesis or student project.  Perhaps developers willing to contribute to the code.  Perhaps somebody working on something related/similar.

The project uses: Mason, Java and GNU R for real time data mining/decisioning based on web analytics which are also collected in real time.

Sounds complicated?  Here is a simpler explanation: somebody browses the website, we collect data as he/she browses (example of data: seconds spent on page X) and we use this data to optimize the website content, prices, offers, etc (assuming a commercial site for the last two).

Goal number 1 of the project is to store web analytics data in real time.  This goal is already achieved.

Goal number 2 of the project is to do something with this data. Also in real time.

We are in the process of achieving goal number 2 and we use Mason to simulate a population of visitors to the site.  The Mason agents really "click" the site pages and "navigate" through them (using a Java library to perform HTTP requests).  See some documentation of this use of Mason on:

For more information on the project please visit:

The project is on its infancy and we are looking for developers. We will provide as much support as possible so these contributors/developers thrive.

Best regards, Andre' Cesta

ps. We have tested many simulation frameworks and decided for Mason.  Thanks we really like it and expect to become better and better at using it until one day we can also contribute.