Hello fellow PhD-ers,

  As we close yet another semester, a few of us (myself, Giny and Tad) are getting together an orals group. We will be meeting Tuesday at 130pm in Fairfax to discuss book lists and plans for regular meetings (at The Sweet Life Cafe - - a cool, historical place with a porch and food, coffee, and ice cream!).

  Given the short notice, we would still be interested to hear from folks who can't make it Tuesday yet might want to be involved. We are all planning to take our orals between, say, November/December and March/April of next school year. It would probably work best if interested parties plan to take orals at some point next school year or have at least completed their 803s.

Hope everyone has a great summer!

Steven Scott
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Dept of History and Art History
George Mason University
President, GMU History Society