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For Fall 2009
1.  Alex Lesanu: 804, Mills-Kelly, Eastern Europe
2.  Holly Moir: 803, Scully, Colonial and Revolutionary US 
(Holly's also thinking about an 804 in the spring with J. Censer on women and consumption habits in the 19th century)
3.  Curtis Vaughn: 804, J. Censer, Old South
4.  Becky Erbelding: 803, O'Malley, populism and the progressive era (with John Lillard and Tracy Fisher)
(Becky's also thinking about an 804 on diplomacy in the 20th century for the fall)
5.  Mark Phillips: 803, Lair, twentieth century US (with Ray Clark and Giny Cheong)
6.  Lisa Francavilla: 803, Schrum, US social and popular culture, early 1900s
7.  George Oberle: 804, Censer, South (may be cross-listed with Curtis's old south 804)
8.  Ammon Shepherd: 803, Takats, Modern France
9.  Misha M. Griffith: 804, Petrik, digital recreations
10. Susan Douglass: 804, Kelly, digital history