The June 1 deadline for housing is fast approaching!   If you need 
on-campus housing this summer, here's the info again:

This information is available on the FAST TRAIN website:

*_For Students staying on-campus more than 30 days:_*
You may register for on-campus housing through the Housing Summer Intern 
Be sure to list FAST TRAIN under the *Internship/Academic Program 
Information section* so you will be housed with other FAST TRAIN 
students.  Rooms are available in Potomac Heights.  These are 4 bedroom 
apartment style suites, with a shared living and kitchen area.  All 
bedrooms are single, 2 bedrooms share a bath.  All rooms are $29 per 

*_For Students staying on-campus less than 30 days:  _*
There are 2 options:
   * Suite style with kitchenettes in Piedmont Hall (single rooms are
     $36 per night, shared rooms are $30 per night)
   * Traditional dorm rooms in Chesapeake Area Residence Hall (singles
     are $31 per night, shared rooms are $26 per night)
   * Here is the link for more information about these dorms:
   * Registration forms for this type of housing are located on the
     FAST TRAIN website:
   * Please complete and return by June 1.

If you have any questions, please contact me at [log in to unmask] or 
Dawn Beatty
Business Manager