Little update on this.. I'm now running with Java 1.6 (64) on Mac Pro  
and AFAICT has no effect at all now --  
the graphics work fine OOTB.

On Sep 26, 2008, at 8:32 PM, Sean Luke wrote:

> hwaccel no longer matters in most modern versions of OS X, so it's  
> there just for legacy now.
> Quaqua is better in many respects, but it already does some GUI  
> tweaking that MASON has done, so doubling it looks bad.  The item  
> we're borrowing from Quaqua right now is the color picker.
> Sean
> Miles Parker wrote:
>> Besides that and Quaqua (how do you like that btw?) I'm just seeing  
>> HW its a nice idea to set the system property  
>> -- normally I wouldn't as it could override a user option -- but as  
>> it is so bad w/o and the OpenGL is so useless..
>> On Sep 26, 2008, at 5:48 AM, Sean Luke wrote:
>>> This system property is one of the items I'm setting  
>>> programmatically. See the static { } regions of Display2D,  
>>> Display3D, and Console.
>>> Note that it's gonna get ignored by applets no matter what.  :-(
>>> Sean
>>> Miles Parker wrote:
>>>> Doesn't..
>>>> still work? I've just installed Update 2 and Java 2D seems fine  
>>>> with this vm argument. Of course its a pig without..
>>>> But it would be nice to not have to.. are you forcing  
>>>> programmatically at runtime? If so, please share the recipe.. :)
>>>> On Sep 25, 2008, at 9:43 PM, Sean Luke wrote:
>>>>> Been seeing HeatBugs and Ant slow down to molasses-level speeds  
>>>>> lately?  You're probably on MacOS X Leopard.  As part of  
>>>>> releasing Java 1.6, Apple's been migrating from its Quartz-based  
>>>>> Java2D graphics renderer to Sun's OpenGL-based renderer.   
>>>>> Problem is, Sun's renderer is much slower.  Even more of a  
>>>>> problem: Apple has recently moved to do this by default for 1.5  
>>>>> as well, and on 1.5, Sun's renderer is _really_ pathetic.
>>>>> I have made a few modifications to MASON so that Java is forced  
>>>>> to use the Quartz renderer on Macs.  Things are now back to  
>>>>> acceptable speeds.  These modifications are on CVS along with  
>>>>> other recent changes.  If you would like a snapshot and can't do  
>>>>> CVS, let me know.
>>>>> Sean

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