I’m interested in using ECJ in a test harness I’m developing.  But before I do, could I check a few things with you to see if ECJ will support my requirements:

1) I need to implement an Island model (which I’ve never done before, so the easier the better), are there any nice examples to look through to see how to implement this?

2) I need to run an external command, and then parse a text file output by this command to evaluate my fitness.  At the moment I’m just using a threadpool of runtime.exec()s to do this, will ECJ support this (I suppose there should be no reason why it shouldn’t) or even support the runtime.exec()s and the threads being handled by ECJ itself under it’s server/client model?


If these aren’t possible, or this would be easier using another Java Genetic Algorithm library, could you possibly suggest one also?  I am also looking at JGAP (and wishing GAUL was available for Java, but ECJ does seem to have everything it has/had), if these help?


Thank you for any help and suggestions you can give.




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