Greetings, a few questions regarding ECJ and its documentation.

First of all, this all looks very impressive and I plan to spend some time
getting to know this system.

I wonder if it is possible to dynamically change some of the parameters
during run time. For instance if I wanted to change the population size
of the probabilities for mutation or crossover during run time, is this

What about the length of the vectors, ie. if I represent a potential
solution made up of a vector of 10 bits, can I dynamically change this
during run-time to 20 bits? Note, I am not talking about the population
size, but rather changing the size of the individuals.


ps: In tutorial #2, just above the section "Specify the Breeding
    Pipeline" it says: "we'll use two-point crossover (so
    crossover-prob doesn't really matter)" ? Why is this? Does this
    have to do with how crossover is defined for integers and the fact
    that the probability is set to 1?