In April, the entire Volgenau School including administrative offices, 
CS Labs, GTA and GRA rooms will be moving to new Engineering Building 
which is located to the left of the Research I building. In preparation 
for the move, all school servers including those in the SITE domain (web 
sites, some departmental e-mail servers, sites that store recorded 
online lectures) will be moved this Sunday, March 8.

These servers  will be inaccessible only during the move from Sunday 
(3/8) evening around 10pm through Monday evening while they are moved 
and reconnected. Once everything is reconnected in the new building, 
access should be the same as before.

Meantime, please save any files that might be needed during the outage 
to your local drive if you will have to access them on Monday. This 
includes files in your "home" folder and departmental shared folder(s).

Also, while the servers are down, you will be able to login only to 
machines on which you recently logged in.

Please call 3-1515 if you have any questions during this time. Thank you.
Nooshi Mohebi