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Date: Wed, 03/25/2009

Time: 12 - 1pm

Location: 430A ST2

Pizza will be served.


Title: An Experimental Comparison of Four Unit Test Criteria: Mutation,
Edge-Pair, All-uses and Prime Path Coverage

Speaker: Nan Li

In this talk, I present the results from a comparison of four unit level
software testing criteria. Mutation testing, prime path coverage, edge-pair
coverage, and all-uses testing were compared on two bases: the number of
seeded faults found and the number of tests needed to satisfy the criteria.
The comparison used Java classes and hand-seeded faults. Tests were designed
and generated mostly by hand with help from tools that compute test
requirements and mu-Java. I also present a secondary measure, a cost benefit
ratio, computed as the number of tests needed to detect each fault. I also
discuss some specific faults that were not found and present analysis for
why not.


Nan Li is a PhD student in Computer Science Department, Volgenau School of
Information Technology and Engineering. His current research mainly focuses
on software testing and he is also interested in other fields of software



Title: Comparison of Unit-Level Automated Test Generation Tools

Speaker: Shuang Wang


Data from projects worldwide show that many software projects fail and most
are completed late or over budget. Unit testing is a simple but effective
technique to improve software in aspects of quality, flexibility, and time
to market. However, testing each unit by hand is very expensive, possibly
prohibitively so. Automation is essential to support unit testing and as
unit testing is achieving more attention, developers are using automated
unit testing tools more often. However, developers have very little
information about which tools are effective. This experiment compares three
well-known public-accessible unit test tools, JCrasher, TestGen4j, and JUB.
We apply these tools to a variety of Java programs and evaluate them based
on their mutation scores. As a comparison, we manually created two
additional sets of tests. One test set contained random values with the same
number of tests the three test tools created, and the other contained values
to satisfy edge coverage.


Shuang Wang is a PhD student and a teaching assistant in Computer Science
Department, Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering,
George Mason University. Her current interests include software testing, Web
Application testing, and Mutation testing. Her advisor is Dr. Jeff Offutt.




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