Hi all,

I'm posting to the mailing list because I'm experiencing strange  
problems with displaying my network in the graphical Mason interface:

- I created a network with 100 nodes (called points) with a certain  
linking capacity for each of the points.

- following the tutorials and model examples in my setuoPortrayal  
method in * I put:
Networkmodel tut = (Networkmodel) state;
         edgePortrayal.setField( new SpatialNetwork2D 
( tut.pointsfield, ) );
         SimpleEdgePortrayal2D p = new SimpleEdgePortrayal2D 

         nodePortrayal.setField( tut.pointsfield );



- so far everything was fine and the network was shown in the display.

- I then implemented a java class called in order  
to find all maximum cliques of my network. Out of my model class it  
is called NetworkGroups.getNetworkCliques(network);
As far as I can see the code works well and the cliques are found.  
For each clique identified an Object of the class NetworkClique is  

- The problem is that with calling the clique identification method  
the edges of my network are no longer displayed (the points are).  
This is strange to me because my code does not change anything with  
my edges!

Do you have any ideas what went wrong?

Thanks Martin