ECJ doesn't have it per se, but it'd not be hard to add.  Note that 
Angeline's module acquisition is both a bit vague and also pretty 
representation-specific.  In the GP realm the big issue with module 
acquisition would be that it changes the function set, which would 
require some bookkeeping.

ECJ's primary module facility is Automatically Defined Functions, which 
it has very good support for.  Before we go down the route of how one 
would add Angeline modules to ECJ, check to see if ADFs do the job 
you're looking for.  ECJ also doesn't do Koza-style 
architectural-altering operations (again, something that could be hacked 
in).  It's all a matter of what people have needed.  :-)

I note that OpenBeagle appears to have a small Angeline-style library.


Randy Casstevens wrote:
> Does ECJ have facilities for doing Module Acquisition for Genetic
> Programming like described by Angeline and Pollack?
> Thanks
> Randy