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Hi All,

Raheem will be talking about approximating convex hulls
next week.

Please come and join us next week.


*    GRAND Seminar
*    http://cs.gmu.edu/~jmlien/seminar/
*    Tuesday, Feb 10, 2008. 12:00 pm
*    Room 430A ST2


Raheem Rufai
Department of Computer Science
George Mason University


The convex hull of a point set S, often denoted as conv(S), is the
smallest convex set that contains S. This essentially means that a line
connecting any pair of vertices in S is enclosed by conv(S). This talk
will introduce the convex hull problem and briefly survey existing state
of the art for exact algorithms. The crux of the discussion, however,
will focus on the current state of affairs of approximation algorithms
for the convex hull. The talk might also touch upon related issues such
as kinetization and dynamization of these algorithms and the core-set
framework as time permits.

*Short Bio*

Raimi Rufai is a doctoral student in the CS Department, George Mason
University. His research interests span Computational Geometry, Software
Engineering and enterprise software development and modeling. He is
currently working on his dissertation in Computational Geometry under
the tutelage of Prof. Dana Richards.

Jyh-Ming Lien
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