January 13 2009

On January 13 2009 members of the History Society met in the Johnson Center.  Attending were Ken Albers, Maureen Connors, Lee Ann Ghajar, Misha Griffith, Katja Hering, Mary Linhart, Jenny Reeder, and Steven Scott.


Plans were made to conduct elections for officers of History Society, and election for second representative on the Graduate Committee.  Other nominations will be accepted. The following are nominees for officers.   

President                                                         Steve Scott

Vice President                                                  Mary Linhart

Secretary                                                         Katja Hering

Treasurer                                                          Misha Griffith

Web Manager                                                  Lee Ann Ghajar


NOTE:  As of Jan 30, 2009, the nomination for Graduate Committee Representative had resulted in the nomination of Dick Harless. 


The group supported helping with the upcoming Conference on 1989, planned for mid March at GMU.


The group discussed participation in the faculty searches by the History Department.  The Department welcomes student participation.  Students are encouraged to participate in this process by attending candidate job talks.  They can observe an academic job search.  In addition, the Department faculty will be made aware of the �teaching and research qualities graduate students would like to see in future faculty.�  (History Society members participated in this process in late January and early February.)  A survey conducted by Katja Hering titled �Common Practices of Student Participation in Faculty Searches in History Departments in the United States: An Informal Survey 2007-2008� is available on the CHNM server:  http://chnm.gmu.edu/staff/katja/App1_Survey_Student_Participation_Searches.doc


The group discussed inclusion of MA students in the History Society.  The majority of attendees voted to include MA students in the History Society. 


Steve Scott is working to get a History Society mailing list together.  This requires coordination with History Department staff in order to gather information about changes. 


Mary Linhart, Secretary

January 28, 2009