Hello fellow PhD-ers,

  The History Society will hold a full, come one, come all meeting Monday, March 2nd at 530pm in JC, room G - yes, this is EXACTLY the same time, day and place of our Colloquium for those of you in it! Don't you just love symmetry!?! Whether you are officially an "active" member or not, you can just show up and that makes you an "active" member!

  Among the topics being discussed are as follows: the final discussion on how to incorporate M.A.'s into the Society, appointing someone to be our liaison with the new Grad Student org at Mason (we hear they have some funding!?!), formulating a schedule for upcoming Society elections and other various topics such as library lending periods and PhD participation in faculty searches. Does this sound like too much fun to pass up? If so, then we hope to see you there!



Steven Scott
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Dept of History and Art History
George Mason University
President, GMU History Society