The add/drop without tuition liability deadline for all full semester
Spring 2009 classes has been extended to Wednesday, February 4.
However, due to the cancellation of evening classes on January 27, the
deadline for adding or dropping classes (without tuition penalty) that
are held on Tuesdays at 7:20 pm has been extended to Wednesday, February

Requests to add or drop these (ONLY Tuesday, 7:20 pm) classes between
February 5th and February 11th must be made in person, or by faxing a
request with a copy of photo ID to:

Fairfax Office of the Registrar               Prince William Office of 
the Registrar
(703) 993-4668 fax                             (703) 993-8378 fax
North Chesapeake Module, Rm 1        Occoquan Building, Rm 201

If necessary, the Office of the Registrar will send further messages
regarding changes to the Spring Schedule.