Hello, I couldn't find anything about this (important) subject in the archives.

My problem is that I want to use an ADF with a single argument and that
argument should not be a terminal but a function; i.e. a subtree. I'm sure
ECJ has this functionality. However, I've been trying for half a day now
without succes.

The problem, as far as I understand it, is hardcoded into ECJ. More
specifically in the class ADFArgument:
 // make sure we don't have any children...
        if (children.length!= 0) 
            state.output.error("Incorrect number of children for ADF
Argument terminal -- should be 0.  Check the constraints.",base,def);

These lines of code checks whether the argument has 0 children, i.e. it
checks whether the argument is a terminal. I've tried removing these lines
of code however I run into other problems.

Anyone can help me?

Best regards,