Dear Center for Global Education (CGE) Alumni and others interested in studying abroad soon,

First of all, welcome back! I hope your spring semesters are off to a great start, and that you CGE Alumni are
not experiencing too much study abroad withdrawal.

I remember when I returned from my first experience abroad in Tibet how hard it was to keep my focus. I kept
comparing my classes here to what learning was like over there. Eventually, I stopped making that comparison
and just decided to study abroad again, which is the main reason I'm writing you now.


Students have already started applying online to the Center for Global Education's Summer Programs, including a new
business program offering SOM credit in China
, and a new program in Rome that will offer credit across several different
disciplines. Click here to see the full list and bookmark it for future reference.

One of the many perks of studying abroad is that you automatically earn points toward a Global Proficiency Certificate.
Tomorrow, starting at 4pm in the Patriot's Lounge in SUB 1, Doctor Carma Hinton, a distinguished Robinson Professor
of Visual Culture & Chinese Studies at George Mason will present a short documentary film on how music creates bridges
across different cultures. Refreshments and a brief conversation will follow. Come check it out and share stories about how
you encountered music while you were studying abroad, and learn more about the GPC program.


Last but certainly not least, President Merten has asked that all returned study abroad students attend a reception
a week from today, at 3pm in Dewberry Hall in the JC. I've attached the official invitation.

Interested? Questions? Contact the Center for Global Education at either (703) 993-2154 or toll free at (866) 468-1243.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Remember, we will accept online applications for most of these great opportunities
until the March 27, 2009 deadline. For some programs the deadline may be earlier, so check our website soon!

Good luck! 


Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University
Ph: (703)993-2132, Fx: (703)993-2153