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Mack Holt

>Cold War Prize Competition
>For the fifth year, the John A. Adams Center at the Virginia 
>Military Institute is pleased to announce that it will award prizes 
>for the best unpublished papers dealing with the United States 
>military in the Cold War era (1945-1991).  Any aspect of the Cold 
>War is eligible, with papers on war planning, intelligence, 
>logistics, and mobilization especially welcome.  Please note that 
>essays which relate aspects of the Korean and Southeast Asian 
>conflicts to the larger Cold War are also open for consideration.
>Not only do we welcome your submission of previously unpublished 
>pieces, but we encourage you to pass along this notice to any 
>colleagues or promising graduate students who might be working in 
>this area.
>Prizes:  First place will earn a plaque and a cash award of $2000; 
>second place, $1000 and a plaque; and third place, $500 and a plaque.
>Procedures:  Entries should be tendered to the Adams Center at VMI 
>by 15 June 2009.  Please make your submission by Microsoft Word and 
>limit your entry to a maximum of twenty-five pages of double-spaced 
>text, exclusive of documentation and bibliography.  A panel of 
>judges will, over the summer, examine all papers and the Adams 
>Center will announce its top three rankings early in the fall of 
>2009.  The Journal of Military History will be happy to consider 
>those award winners for publication.
>Submissions and questions:
>Professor Malcolm Muir, Jr., Director
>John A. Adams '71 Center for Military History and Strategic Analysis
>Department of History
>Virginia Military Institute; Lexington, VA  24450
><mailto:[log in to unmask]>[log in to unmask]
>Fax:  540-464-7246
>2007-08 Cold War essay contest
>  sponsored by the
>John A. Adams '71 Center for Military History and Strategic Analysis
>First prize:  $2000
>  "The Genesis of the Sixth Fleet:  The U.S. Navy and Early Cold War 
>Foreign Policy in the Mediterranean, 1946 - 1948"
>by Michael A. Palmer, East Carolina University
>Second prize:  $1000
>"In a Foreign Land:  GIs, West Germans, and Refugees in Franconia, 
>1945 - 1960"
>by Adam Seipp, Texas A & M University
>Third prize:  $500
>"The Atomic Air Offensive and the Change in American Military 
>Tradition, 1945 - 1950"
>by John M. Curatola, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College
>Honorable mentions (in alphabetical order)
>"The Quiet Death of Universal Military Training:  How America Lost 
>an Opportunity to Close the Civil-Military Gap"
>by Robert K. Dean, Norwich University
>"Lessons of the Korean War and the Public Debate over Containment 
>and American National Military Strategy, 1950 - 1955"
>by Hal M. Friedman, Henry Ford Community College
>"Detachment Number 1:  African-American Prisoners at Camp 5 during 
>the Korean Conflict"
>by Thomas J. Ward, Jr., Spring Hill College

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