Dear CGE Study Abroad student,

Greetings to you wherever you are in the world!


Because for many of you this is your last week abroad, I strongly encourage you
to submit a Letter to George in these next few days:

While you don't necessarily have to complete this task right now, often times students
who write while abroad tend to do so with a lot more energy and detail.


So please, do George Mason a huge favor and take half an hour to sit down and write
about what you�ve encountered while abroad. Not only is writing this letter to George
Mason a great and fun way to reflect on your experiences so far, but being published
online is also an accomplishment you can add to your resume.

For an example letter just click here:


Can�t wait to see you and hear all about it once you return!


With envy,
Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University
Ph: (703)993-2132, Fx: (703)993-2153