Ireland, once visited, is never forgotten. Its landscape has a mythic, resonant effect on
people, an effect that often makes Ireland's history dynamic and sometimes even tangible.

This summer George Mason's Center for Global Education is offering a summer program
in Galway, a coastal university town fondly referred to by the Irish as Ireland's cultural capital:

Taking an integrated approach to introductory Irish Studies that incorporates elements from
many disciplines, the National University of Ireland, Galway's summer program is comprised of
seminars focusing on key themes in Irish history and culture such as identity, emigration, and
religion. Field trips often complement courses, making learning active and engaging. Credits

are available in History, English, Sociology, Art History, or Anthropology. Graduate credits are

also offered, an excellent option given grad students may earn 6 credits (a full semester's worth)
in just one month. Click here for more detailed class descriptions.


For further information please contact the Center for Global Education's Sarah Mournighan, the
administrator of this awesome program.
Her phone number is 703.993.2106. Be sure to ask her
about how scholarships and other funding can help defray program costs.


In the meantime, enjoy the last week of your winter break!

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education at George Mason University
Ph: (703)993-2132, Fx: (703)993-2153