Dear Communications student,

This summer FOUR Center for Global Education (CGE) programs will offer Communications credit
abroad. You should consider applying to one of them:

1)  MILAN A great opportunity to visit numerous places in Italy such as Rome, Florence, and Venice.
No Italian language skills are necessary to go on this trip. Earn 3 COMM credits plus 3 credits in ARTH,
FAVS, FRLN, TOUR, or HIST. Click on Milan to learn more about the program.

2)  SLIGO This program includes visits to Belfast, Dublin, and Galway, and exciting new opportunities
to intern at places like the Sligo Champion, the International Yeats Society, or the Carrowmore Megatlithic
. Earn 3 COMM credits plus 3 cr. in ENG, HIST, or ARTH. Click on Sligo to learn more.


3)  LONDON Students are placed in unpaid professional internships based on their course work, skills,
and personal interests. These internships are for 6 graduate or 9 undergraduate credits, some of which
may be in Communications. Click on London to learn more about this great international internship.

4)  ROME This summer the American University of Rome is offering 4 classes in Communications.
Take two for 6 total Communications credits or take one and earn 3 credits in ECON, HIST, GOVT, ARTH,
ANTHRO, ITAL, or FAVS. Click on Rome to learn more about this awesome new program.

You can begin applying online to any of these programs right now. People have already started turning
in applications. Keep in mind scholarships and financial aid can be applied to each program. Express
interest in any of these opportunities or ask questions by contacting CGE: 703.993.2154.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Look for us in your COMM classes soon. Wishing you a great start to your
spring semester! 

Kevin Stoy
Marketing Coordinator
Center for Global Education