Sean Luke wrote:
> I cannot reproduce this on the Mac, with or without the new (and much 
> slower) Sun renderer.  So I'm guessing it's Sun's windowing code. 
> MASON's optimizations push Java pretty hard so I wouldn't be surprised.
> More data would be helpful.  What version of MASON are you running?  
> Is it a snapshot or taken off of CVS?
> Only while running is telling: this means it's probably something to 
> do with MASON blocking waiting for a repaint.
> Just for grins, go to sim/display/, and comment out the 
> following line:
>                 Utilities.doEnsuredRepaint(header);
> Recompile and tell me if it's still doing it.
The original test was with the V13 snapshot (with and without the 
doEnsuredRepaint() call). We checked out the CVS version and commented 
out the doEnsuredRepaint() call and it still hangs. With the CVS 
version, we tested under Linux, JRE 6_0_10.

It happens both when resizing *and* when zooming in and out several 
steps in rapid succession. The problem is that it could hang even when 
not doing anything strange, like an ordinary resizing or zooming operation.