We don't have any public ones, sorry.

But it's easy!  When Problem.evaluate() is called in ECJ, create a new 
MASON simulation, put in an individual who knows where the GP tree is 
and can call eval on it, add some special functions in your Problem 
subclass that your various GP nodes know how to call, and have those 
functions manipulate the agents in the simulation.  Manually step the 
simulation a few times like this:

	for a few times

Then set the fitness of the individual based on results from the simulation.


Ben Moran wrote:

> I have not been able to find on the web any example source code for
> projects combining Mason and ECJ.  I'm sure there are many ways of doing
> this depending on the problems at hand, but would anyone be able to
> point me to a working example?
> Thanks very much,
> Ben