A couple of questions about PSO in ECJ:

- PSOBreeder is hardcoded to only look at the first subpopulation. Is  
fixing this just a matter of changing breedPopulation to loop through  
all subpopulations?

- I haven't been getting particularly good results with PSO in ECJ and  
while I'm happy to continue to try and tweak parameters, I was just  
wondering how similar ECJ's PSO implementation is to those described  
here ( and  
here ( I've tried  
to figure out which parameters in ECJ correspond to those in the  
referenced literature, and whether the same calculations are being  
performed, but I'm getting a bit lost in the way the PSOBreeder is  
breeding. Does the "Probability threshold" p, as specified in  
standard_pso_2007.c, exist in ECJ's implementation?