Hmmm, I'll have to figure out what to do there with regard to warnings 
in Uniform.

And now a warning: you're using typed GP with Uniform.  The type 
extensions to Uniform are my own, not those of the original authors of 
the paper.  And they've not been well tested (or really tested at all). 
  Expect the possibility of some bugs.


Michael Hart wrote:

> Thanks Sean - I'll steer clear for now. It just looked so meaty, I 
> figured it had to be doing something interesting :-)
> Now, in terms of Uniform, I had to make UniformGPNodeStorage implement 
> Serializable to allow for checkpointing. I also ran into an 
> ArrayOutOfBoundsException on line 432 of which took me ages 
> to track down. Turns out that it was due to some GPTypes specified in my 
> params that I hadn't used yet in any of my GPNodeConstraints. It might 
> be nice to be able to catch this or warn about it.
> Apart from that, smooth sailing again.