Hi there

i want leaves with a constant, i.e:

public class Const extends GPNode
     private int cValue;
   public String toString() { return Integer.toString(this.cValue);}

   public void checkConstraints(final EvolutionState state,
                                final int tree,
                                final GPIndividual typicalIndividual,
                                final Parameter individualBase)
       if (children.length!=0)
           state.output.error("Incorrect number of children for node " +
                              toStringForError() + " at " +

   public void eval(final EvolutionState state,
                    final int thread,
                    final GPData input,
                    final ADFStack stack,
                    final GPIndividual individual,
                    final Problem problem)
       DoubleData rd = ((DoubleData)(input));
       this.cValue = ((int)(state.random[thread].nextDouble()*10));
       rd.x = this.cValue;

assuming it creates a tree like (x+2) * 3, where 2 and 3 leaves were 
produced by the class Const

assuming this tree is passed to the next generation, will it be the same 
tree with the same constants (x+2) * 3, or will there be new constants 
values i.e. (x+4) * 5?

kind regards